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All songs at 128k

Songs from Xplod-i-mite .
The first 2 are full, the next 3 are just songbites


  •     Xplodimite with guest, Sara Tompkins
  •     Crushed
  •     Sex Wars with guest, Gayle Ritt
  •     Whiskey Rainclouds song clip
  •     Cryptic Gush song clip
  •     Cat's Paw song clip

Songs from Innocence and Experience
All Songbites are 30 – 45 seconds except the first 2 which are full length.

Innocence and Experience

  •     Fragile Pieces
  •     Best Shoes
  •     Innocence & Experience song clip
  •     Bittersweet song clip
  •     There is a Door song clip